Save time with FindTime
Sick of the backwards and forwards communication when trying to find a time to meet? Well this class is for you !
Master Class duration: 00:16:52

So often I see users, or even receive emails that go along the lines of the above example

My goal with this this master class is to help you save time and the headaches that are associated with organizing times to meet either with single users or groups of people, so that you do not need to send those emails and get your valuable time back !!!.

Just think about it, if the above email goes out to 10 people, even 2 people... it becomes an organizational nightmare and is such a waste of your time.

This is where FIndTime comes in to it's own. This Outlook Add-In will save you so much time.
I get it though, you are busy and struggle to "find time"...hehehe see what I did there ?, to learn new technology.

But seriously this could be the best 16 minutes and 52 seconds you spend this week.

Let me help you get some time back in your busy day.

After finishing this master class, you should be equipped to:

  • Install FindTime to Outlook online and Outlook desktop Client
  • Adjust the FindTime Settings to suit your requirements
  • Understand how to send a meeting poll
  • AUTOMATICALLY SCHEDULE Microsoft Teams Meetings when a concencus is reached.
  • Allow FindTime to hold time slots in your calendar so that you do not get double booked.
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