File Management in Microsoft Teams
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Files, files, files.

With the use of Microsoft Teams going through roof in recent times, never has it become more important to have an understanding of where your files are stored, have a clear understanding of the integration between OneDrive,

SharePoint and Teams and basically just know how to manage them so that you do not get frustrated and waste time trying to find what you are looking for.

The whole idea of implementing and adopting a technology like Microsoft Teams is to improve your process and SAVE you time right?

I get it though, users aka. YOU are given this amazing platform without the initial and ongoing training and awareness that is required to not only begin to use it effectively but sustain the effectiveness into the future and become that Microsoft Teams "Rockstar".

I've on boarded and rolled out Microsoft Teams to thousands of users across many many different industries, and all are different.

One thing that is not and that is common is the confusion around files and relationship with OneDrive and SharePoint.

  • Where are my files stored?
  • OneDrive vs SharePoint vs Microsoft Teams
  • Accessing your files from different end points. Are they they same files?
  • How do I share a document securely
  • What are these different sharing options you speak of?
  • Can I share files from my mobile device?
  • Can I access my Team files from File Explorer?
  • Should I upload to the Files Tab or share in a Post?
All common questions and pain points that you may have.

My goal with this training is to allow you to save time and help you gain a clear understanding about file management in Microsoft Teams, while opening your eyes to the vast array of use cases and possibilities that are at your fingertips.

I present proven practical action items that will help you to manage your Team files with out the headaches.

This course consists of 4 modules and after finishing this training, you will be armed with the knowledge to be able to successfully and easily mange files in Microsoft Teams and really save time and reduce the file management nightmares that many many users and businesses have.

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Microsoft Teams File Management
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