The Microsoft Teams Challenge

10 Lessons + 3 Bonuses
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Microsoft Teams has seen an astronomical rise in use over the past 6 months. Businesses have had to launch into remote working head first and fast....

This has lead to many users (including you) been given the tools but with little on boarding or training. Sound familiar?

My goal with this training is to open the door for you to take advantage of the power of Microsoft Teams.

I have coached and trained thousands of users and many businesses in different verticals. As part of this experience, I like to see how much time users can save, how much frustration can be removed and actually how much pleasure they're getting out of their day working with Microsoft Teams.

A common theme I've found is that many businesses and users are not aware of the breadth of functionality at their fingertips.

Even after implementing Microsoft Teams, often users revert back to their old ways.

I get it, and I understand that you are busy and there is so much information around. This is why I have created this 10 lesson challenge. It is broken up into small bite size chunks that are easy for you to consume.

Oh and did I mention that you get lifetime access and it is FREE?

So are you ready?

Are you ready to take the Microsoft Teams Challenge? Are you ready to use Microsoft Teams better and to your advantage? Do you want to save time and remove that frustration that you may have after being given the option to use a new technology but don't know the little nuances to become more productive?

I have already put together 10 episodes or challenges that will bring you value and help you use Microsoft Teams more effectively and efficiently to ultimately save you time so you may as well right?
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